Searching for charging possibilities
in the Green eMotion demo regions!


Green eMotion is developing the European framework
for an interoperable electromobility system.

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Green eMotion a project consortium of 42 partners
from all electromobility stakeholder groups

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Green eMotion recommends selected standards for
electromobility (de facto standards for Europe).

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Green eMotion is elaborating the IT architecture for a
European marketplace, including interfaces that will allow
competition in the implementation of e-mobility solutions.

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Green eMotion recommends approaches for
an optimized grid and charging infrastructure.

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Green eMotion tests and demonstrates the interoperability
of an integrated electromobility system in selected
demo regions.

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Green eMotion analyzes the operability of electric cars under
real-life conditions and is developing recommendations for
mass-market implementation

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Visit our Free Public Education. Please use the site
to learn more about electric cars.

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Latest news

18. August 2014

Load management demonstration ...

Load management demonstration

EVs appear to be on the threshold of mass market adoption, and the electrical utility industry is facing new challenges and opportunities as EVs and PHEVs begin to be recharged through the local elect ...

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22. July 2014

The Green eMotion electric rally, 18 September 2014, Br ...

The Green eMotion electric rally, 18 September 2014, Brussels

The Green eMotion electric rally, 18 September 2014, Brussels. The EU's flagship e-mobility project, Green eMotion will organise for the first time an electric vehicle rally from the Green eMotion dem ...

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About us

The Green eMotion project is part of the European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI) that was launched within the ...

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Discover the latest press releases on the progress of the Green eMotion project in English, German and Spanish.

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Our partners

There are 42 partners from all over Europe involved in the Green emotion project. Due to the complexity ...

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Get to know the full range of project deliverables already completed and yet to be fulfilled.

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