Deliverables - Infrastructure Solutions

Green eMotion recommends ways to an optimised grid and charging infrastructure.

All deliverables contributing to these topics can be found here:

Deliverable Title Partner available Download
4.1 Specification for minimum requirements for charging spots
Executive Summary
ESB 2012/06
4.2 Recommendations on grid-supporting opportunities of EVs
Executive Summary
Enel 2012/09
4.3 Grid Impact studies of electric vehicles
Executive Summary D4.3 – A1
Executive Summary D4.3 – B1
Executive Summary D4.3 – B2
Executive Summary D4.3 – B3
Dansk Energy

4.4 Common findings for the interaction between Electric vehicles and electrical networks
Executive Summary
RWE 2015/03
4.5 Survey of business opportunities related with EVs
Executive Summary
Endesa 2014/11