6th Green eMotion Stakeholder Forum to be held as European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum

Green eMotion and FREVUE have joint forces to come up with a European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum on June 24/25 in Brussels.

Under the title “Future Electromobility Framework for Europe” Green eMotion will provide a status update with the results achieved so far and FREVUE will present the project setup and goals of the project. The Forum will be held at the Palais des Académies (1000 Bruxelles, rue Ducale 1, entre la rue Lambermont et la place du Trône).

Would you like to know more about the Green eMotion project and its progress? Would you like to contribute to workshops on various topics concerning Green eMotion? If so, you must join the European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum held in Brussels on 24th and 25th June 2013.

To see the agenda for the forum please click here: Stakeholder-Forum-Agenda-30-5-2013.pdf

You can register on the Stakeholder Forum page in the Green eMotion Internet.