Another Milestone for Electromobility

Fast charging network and roaming for electric cars in Central Europe

Vienna, October 8, 2014. In early October major milestones achieved by the EU´s flagship electromobility project, Green eMotion, were presented, demonstrated and discussed during a one day conference in Vienna.



Following the keynote speech by Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO VERBUND, on the future of electromobility in Europe and the view from the electricity industry, representatives from Green eMotion partners Siemens, Nissan and ESB ecars explained some of the project’s highlights, including the demonstration of a truly interoperable electromobility system and the setting up of a marketplace for roaming throughout Europe.


”Green eMotion has achieved some major milestones during the past 3.5 years to accelerate the mass market roll-out of electromobility across Europe: from implementing a prototype-level, scalable, and open ICT system enabling Europe-wide access to charging infrastructure, to establishing a roadmap for future standardization work. It also produced a set of detailed technical work - from grid impact studies to the evaluation of electric vehicles under real market conditions - and provided a unique platform for partners to continue to engage in other key European co-funded implementation projects like TeN-T” said Olivier Paturet, Nissan Europe, project partner of Green eMotion.

CROSSING BORDERS project partners VERBUND, SMATRICS, Siemens CVC and TRAFFIX presented project results on network planning and infrastructure deployment that aim for providing convenient services for customers.

In addition to the results of Green eMotion and CROSSING BORDERS a brand-new electromobility project that has been submitted to the European Commission for funding in terms of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) was announced - the Central European Green Corridors (CEGC).

Electromobility takes a giant leap ahead. In terms of the goals set for the CEGC project, a dense network of rapid charging stations will be established in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia until the end of 2015. Munich and Zagreb will be integrated as well.

Eleven strong partners, among them OEMs, energy utilities, technology providers, electromobility providers and communities will fast track the tightening of the fast charging station network in order to make daily use of electric cars more comfortable.
The partners will set up 115 high power recharging points, using the multi-standard technology that enables fast charging of almost all electric vehicles. The regional fast charging network in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia as well as additional charging locations in Croatia and Germany will enable drivers and owners of electric cars to seamlessly travel beyond borders.

Charging infrastructure deployment in CROSSING BORDERS and in CEGC build up on development results of Green eMotion. The expert conference on 08th October 2014 in Vienna showed that international cooperation and joint efforts of companies, institutions and research organisations lead to an interoperable charging network for e-mobility customers.

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