Displaying the Dynamic Status of Charging Stations Online

The Green eMotion Search service allows for searching charging infrastructure within the Green eMotion demo regions. With the new dynamic data link between the local Charge Management Systems of the EVSE operators and the Search service it is now possible to show online the status of the charging stations in the field.

Right now this service is exemplarily demonstrated for the data from ESB in Ireland and Chargestorm in Malmö (Sweden). This functionality is working on an already available infrastructure with interfaces specified within WP3 (now being followed up by eMI3). Not all Charge Management Systems support this functionality today.

The Search service is available on the Green eMotion Internet (http://evse.greenemotion-project.eu/search.html) as well as via our marketplace, EV drivers can check whether an EVSE is currently in use (blue color), available (green color) or out of order (red). The data for the Search data base is automatically queried from the Charge Management Systems of the providers. With this functionality an EV driver can easily locate an EVSE which is currently free to be used for the next charging session.

Charging stations in use in Ireland...

...and in Malmö