E-Mobility Standards: what’s missing?

In order to facilitate the sharing of experience and know-how among high level experts in the world of electromobility standards, Green eMotion, the main European Project on electromobility, has been the promoter of a technical and high-focused workshop on May 6th 2014 in Brussels.

Selected representatives from car manufacturers, distribution system operators, standardization bodies, industries, demo projects and research centers have met at Eurelectric facilities in Brussels to actively debate on the status of standards in the field of electromobility and on what has still to be done to allow a real market penetration of electric vehicles.

The workshop has been powered up by the presentation of a “standards gap matrix” developed inside the Work Package 7 of the Green eMotion Project, followed by interactive sessions addressing the most relevant aspects for standardization activities:

  • Administrative topics: From identification to payment
  • Communication: Electric vehicle – charging station – backend system – clearing house/marketplace
  • Technical issues: Power quality, load management, safety
  • Inside-vehicle aspects and range prediction / state of charge

The presence of representatives of the most important stakeholders and the high level of participant’s expertise fed a focused and effective discussion. The outcome shows an international overview of the on-going standardization activity and of the priorities to be tackled, according with the new market trends:

  • Some technical aspects (e.g. cables, EMC aspects, battery safety after a crash, data security,…) really need an improved definition through standards
  • There is the need for testing methods and procedures
  • In many cases the main problem is to choose one standard from multiple standardised versions (more regulation than standardisation)
  • Issues regarding the vehicle can be considered less relevant in Green eMotion view, as they only slightly affect interoperability
  • Interoperability is a complex task that should be addressed following precise methodologies that consider different layers and different steps (e.g. the definition of use cases and business cases).
  • The process to obtain common standards has to be speeded up.

The results of this fruitful workshop are leading the way forward to a standardisation roadmap necessary for the uptake of the electromobility market in Europe. If you are interested in more details about the workshop, you can find the presentations here for download.



1-Filippo Colzi_Meeting Introduction

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