European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum a complete success

Under the title "Future Electromobility Framework for Europe" Green eMotion and FREVUE together had invited the electromobility stakeholders for a Forum meeting on June 24/25 at the Palais des Académies in Brussels. With more than 160 participants this event was a complete success.

The topics on the agenda offered a wide spread of information to the most relevant electromobilty themes. As starting point the up to date status on the projects Green eMotion and FREVUE were presented by the project coordinators. As a major topic for electromobility the latest status of standardization activities was presented by Green eMotion and also the eMI3 Group ( Here the focus is on identifiers and interfaces for the electromobility ICT systems where we still miss standards. Presentations from Stakeholders and the 2nd EEO Workshop attracted the participants for the rest of the first conference day.

The 2nd day was started with a set of workshops on the Green eMotion project results. So the following topics were discussed with the participants:

  • Marketplace for electromobility and its integration into the demo region IT systems.
  • Challenges and hurdles for the introduction of electromobility.
  • Electric vehicles and the way to operate them
  • What's still missing on the standardisation side?
  • What business models can be developed around electromobility services?
  • What is the real impact of electric vehicles on the distribution grids.

The conference was continued by an interesting discussion of the FREVUE project with EU and city officials on the benefits of electromobilty for the development of our transportation systems. Green eMotion presented its results from the big data collection project running in the demo regions. The conference was concluded by presentations from two of the Green eMotion demo regions and their implementations to enhance electromobilty in their cities during the project.

If you are interested in the presentations please go the Stakeholder's page and register for the Forum. With this registration you can get access to the internal website of the Stakeholder Forum with all information on the Brussels meeting.


From left: Hugues van Honacker (DG Move), Dr. Heike Barlag (Coordinator Green eMotion), <br>Matthew Noon (Coordinator FREVUE), Carlo Mol (Co-Chair Stakeholder Forum)