Fully Charged 2012 – the way to an interoperable electromobility system in Europe

More than 260 delegates from 19 countries attended a very successful Fully Charged 2012 in Dublin last week, an international electric vehicle summit organised by ESB ecars on behalf of the Green eMotion project. Speakers from all over Europe as well as from China and USA gave an insight on the latest status of political frameworks and developments for electromobility. Pat Rabbitte TD, Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources opened the conference and announced that Ireland would be one of the first countries to trial an electric vehicle IT platform that will facilitate international roaming and seamless charging across Europe. International payments are settled via your home account much like with mobile phones.

As one of the ten demonstration regions within Green eMotion, Ireland has been selected as test region because of its advanced charge point network which already covers 82% of the country’s main towns and cities.

This roll-out is based on, and supported by university conducted end-user and vehicle research trials which commenced in 2010. The Green eMotion project is focused on achieving mass market adoption of electric vehicles through the development of standards, policies and interoperable systems so that motorists can easily charge anytime and anywhere in Europe.

Speaking at Fully Charged 2012, Pat O’Doherty, ESB Chief Executive said, “Electric vehicles bring the automotive and electricity worlds together and here today at Fully Charged we have representation from all the major players who are collaborating on the solutions required to build this new industry.  As one of the leading countries in the rollout of a smart charge point infrastructure we are particularly pleased to be at the forefront of the development of the electric vehicle IT systems for Europe as well.”

The project coordinator of Green eMotion Heike Barlag from Siemens added:

“To get electromobility rolled out we need a Europe wide interoperable system making electromobility convenient for the user. Green eMotion is defining the framework which is necessary to achieve this. This covers policies and regulations, standardisation, charging and grid infrastructure needs as well as an European marketplace for electromobility which allows an electric vehicle driver to be able to travel throughout Europe and not have to worry about the technical systems.”

The “Electric Avenue” in the exhibition area featured a range of electric cars from leading car manufacturers. The Volkswagen Golf which is set to enter the markets at the end of 2013 was making its Irish debut at the show.

Other new electric car models on display included the Volvo C30, Opel Ampera, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, Renault Fluence, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Toyota Prius PHV and the Renault Twizy.


Video "Fully Charged 2012 Event"


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