Green eMotion at Greencities 2013, Malaga, Spain

The Green eMotion project participated in the Greencities 2013 exhibition in Malaga, Spain, this October with a booth and test-drive facilities. Greencities is an annual show with a complete program of conferences, project presentations, and roundtables for debates about mobility, smart buildings, energy efficiency, and the environment. In 2013 there was a special focus on sustainability, and the Green eMotion project took this opportunity to present its results at this unique and highly specialized professional forum, which is a powerful platform for networking with electromobility stakeholders.

A major attraction was the Green eMotion test-drive facility, which was used by 113 attendees. They were able to test different electric vehicles, among them a Renault Twizy, a Renault Zoe, and a Mitsubishi iMiev. The users were registered and the test evaluated by the Municipal Energy Agency of Malaga.

Roundtable talks were also offered on the topic of “The psychological barrier-breaking price: Project implementation of electric vehicles,” moderated by D. Arturo Pérez de Lucía, Managing Director of AEDIVE (Spanish Cluster for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure). The discussions featured participants from the automotive industry, utilities, and public transport.


The Green eMotion test-drive facility The Green eMotion roundtable talks with moderator D. Arturo Pérez de Lucía, Managing Director of AEDIVE, José María Pascual of Renault Electric Vehicle Spain, Jaime Briales, Municipal Energy Agency of Malaga, Carlos Sierra Martín-Serrano of Cordoba Public Transport, and Mrs. Gema Cantero, Andalusian Energy Agency