Green eMotion conference during the MoTechECo in Rome

Rome Municipality organized the 4th edition of MoTech Eco from 11th to 13th of May 2011. The MoTechEco is an initiative aiming at the promotion of sustainable mobility through the diffusion of innovative vehicles and new forms of mobility. The initiative was supported by several partners such as industries, car manufacturers and institutional bodies and was held in Giardini dell’Aranciera di San Sisto close to Terme di Caracalla in heart of Rome.

The event had a great success and in three days more then 50.000 people visited it and participated to the several conferences and initiatives. One of the 1st day initiatives was a round table with automotive industries on “Communicate the car in the age of new technology” with representatives from all the main car manufacturers: BMW, FIAT, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, MicroVett, Nissan, Renault, Piaggio and Opel. The round table had a relevant success with the participation of a relevant audience.

On the 12th of May the most successful event was on “education and technology for youths road safety” sponsored by MINI and with the participation, among the other, of Minister of the Youth Miss Giorgia Meloni, Rome Mobility Councillor Mr. Antonello Aurigemma, Mr. Sergio Dondolini General Director of the Ministry of Transport, Alessandro Fuschiotto from the Mobility Agency for Rome and Luca Persia from Centre for research on Transport and Logistic of “Sapienza” University of Rome. There was a massive participation of youths to the event and some won a training course for safe driving.

On the 13th of May the main event was a conference on Green eMotion project. The focus of the conference was on Green eMotion and Electro Mobility in Europe. The main aim was to disseminate on one hand the Green eMotion project objectives and on the other hand to allow several cities involved in the project to present their previous policies and their future visions for the diffusion of electro mobility.

The Conference started with an overview of the Green eMotion project provided by the project coordinator Miss Heike Barlang from Siemens than some of the Cities involved in the project presented their future visions on electro mobility namely: Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Copenhagen, Malaga, Malmo. The 2nd part of the conference focused on Rome Municipality and after a short introduction provided by the Rome Environment Councillor Mr. Marco Visconti an overview of the electro mobility future vision in Rome was provided by Mr. Marco Contadini referent for sustainable mobility of the Rome Environment Department. The conference concluded with a report of projects carried out by ENEL, Siemens and ACEA in cooperation with Rome Municipality to support the diffusion of electro mobility in Rome.

The Green eMotion conference achieved many objectives. First of all had a strong impact for the dissemination of project and electro mobility on local and Italian press. Several relevant national newspapers such as “Repubblica”, “Libero” and “Il Tempo” published articles on MoTechEco, Green eMotion and the related conference and there were at least 20 articles and press releases on the topic.

The conference gave also to the cities involved the possibility to disseminate their future visions on electro mobility and the related policies allowing a cross fertilization and exchange of opinions and good practices.

Concluding the last but not least output of Green eMotion conference was the increasing of awareness of all the stakeholders involved that public administrations, industries, car manufacturers are all working in the same direction, the greening of mobility. A small but relevant step toward the electrification of mobility.