Green eMotion Regional Conferences

At the handover ceremony of the new charging station in front of the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.

Over the last four years the Green eMotion project has been working on the framework for electromobility in Europe, preparing the mass deployment of electric vehicles. With ten demo regions throughout Europe, Green eMotion is underscoring the need to promote a pan-European view of electromobility, which takes into account technical as well as different regional, political and ecological aspects.

To spread the results of Green eMotion further around in Europe, we are organising with local partners 3 events in European regions:

  • February 6, Budapest, Hungary (organised by Elmü)
  • February 10, Liepāja, Latvia (organised by Digital City Limited)
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  • February 17, Stockholm, Sweden (organised by the City of Stockholm)
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In all cities we will have a major involvement of local politicians (national and municipal level). The agenda topics chosen cover the main fields of Green eMotion:

  • Interoperable electromobility sytem
  • Standardisation issues solved by Green eMotion (as well as the roadmap for follow up projects)
  • Demo region experience – how can the Green eMotion results be replicated
  • Data collection and evaluation – lessons learnt within the Green eMotion project
  • EV impact on the power system