Green eMotion seeks involvement of external electromobility stakeholders

On 10 and 11 May, EURELECTRIC hosted the 4th Green eMotion External Stakeholder Forum gathering 90 stakeholders in the field of electromobility to learn more about Green eMotion results and exchange views and information. The first day of the Forum called upon interested partners to participate in the collection of eMobility data within the demonstration regions as well as seeking experts in e-mobility standardisation. Additionally external stakeholders had the opportunity to present their own electromobility activities. The second day was organized around three thematic workshops allowing for in-depth discussions between Green eMotion and external experts.

One year after the launch of Green eMotion, the data collection in the project’s 12 demo regions is implemented and has delivered first results. The objective is now to extend the project to external demonstration sites. The 4th External Stakeholder Forum therefore served as a platform to seek cooperation and collaboration with parties that would be interested in participating in this data collection and evaluation process. The Green eMotion project aims to include as much outside project data as possible, to build the project findings on a broad base of electromobility experience.

On standardisation the project takes a comprehensive approach covering various aspects of electromobility. The forum sought cooperation in standardisation to receive recommendations and input on issues such as sources of standards and associated issues and gaps or gap analysis for electric vehicles. It also sought possible input on future technology trends.

Finally, the forum tackled three key themes that are currently being developed within the project’s work packages:

  • The grid and infrastructure session focused on load management opportunities for DSOs, identifying actors and roles in different market models, and new charging technologies.
  • The policy session discussed the important role of cities and fleets as test beds for the market up-take of electric vehicles.
  • Last but not least, the B2B marketplace for electromobility was discussed, with the ICT architecture as the central integration instance allowing service providers to offer their services and service requesters to utilise these services as part of their business with end-customers.

Interested external stakeholders who would like to be involved in Green eMotion or receive more information are invited to contact Green eMotion via the contact form.