Measuring the climate impact on electric cars

Green eMotion validates the performance of EV technology in terms of durability, costs, and safety factors under different climatic conditions. The purpose is to validate range, battery, safety equipment etc. under real-life driving conditions. The ultimate goal is a uniform Europe-wide system that can overcome all the challenges of weather and climatic conditions as well as differing usage patterns.

A significant outcome of Green eMotion will be specific comparative figures from manufacturer data on both vehicle and environmental performance, as well as recommendations for safety training and maintenance tasks.
Measurements took place at fka and DTI  in the labs in Germany and Denmark as well as in cooperation with JRC in Ispra, Italy. The video below shows how FKA, DTI and TNM-IFM tested in Denmark at – 2° C how the EVs perform and gives first results about climate impact on electric cars.



The video below gives you an insight on free-air test drives in the Danish winter.
It shows first results about climate impact on electric cars.