Official high-level launch of the Green eMotion project

On March 31, 2011, Siim Kallas, the European Commissioner for Transport, officially kicked-off the Green eMotion Project in Brussels. In front of representatives of the European Commission and the consortium partners Mr. Kallas stressed the importance of electromobility for Europe.

According to Mr. Kallas, environmentally friendly mobility will be a major challenge in the future – on par with the growing trend toward urbanization, the steady rise in the world’s population, the increasing scarcity of natural resources, and global climate change. In the search for a sustainable solution to these challenges, electrical energy is the key to success, particularly when it comes to mobility. In his keynote speech, Mr. Kallas also pointed out, that the EU now needed to strengthen support for the necessary technological development, and pave the way for the market introduction of this technology in Europe, and thereby take the lead on a global level.

The second keynote speech was held by Dr. Richard Hausmann for the project coordinator Siemens AG, Germany. He pointed out that electromobility is the perfect match to answer several future challenges: Among these, low-carbon mobility, increased use of renewable energy, mitigating climate change and becoming more independent of fossil fuels are the most important. Since electric vehicles (EV) are not only using electricity, but also storing it in their batteries, they will become an important part of future smart grids. Dr. Hausmann said, with just 200.000 EVs connected to the grid, up to 8 GW positive and negative control energy was available – virtually at the touch of a button. EVs can therefore also be used as controllable load for the fluctuating feed of wind or solar energy into a power grid – provided that the layout of the network permits such a scenario.

The Green eMotion project
The partners in the Green eMotion initiative are to accumulate experience with electromobility in existing and new test regions within Europe and refine the technology. Key issue is the development of European processes, standards and IT solutions that allow customers of electric vehicles an easy and seamless access to charging infrastructure and related services throughout the European Union. Standardization is also the key factor for a fast and cost-efficient European rollout of electromobility.

The Green eMotion project is part of the Green Cars Initiative, one of the three Public Private Partnerships (PPP) of the European Economic Recovery Plan announced by the President of the European Commission on November 26, 2008.