Third Green eMotion Stakeholder Forum held in Paris on November 22, 2011

The Stakeholder Forum meeting in Paris focused on the exchange of information among the Green eMotion project partners and the Stakeholder Forum members. The meeting, held in La Défense on November 22, was attended by 53 participants.

During the meeting, participants approved the mission statement: “The Mission of the Green e-Motion Stakeholder Forum is to accelerate growth in the European market for electrically chargeable vehicles through the realization of a complete infrastructure that delivers a seamless, integrated experience for end users. The Forum will achieve this by enhancing communications and sharing vision, experience, and information between the many stakeholders in industry, national & regional authorities, the EU and the wider public.”

In his welcome address, Hugues van Honacker, the European Commission’s responsible project officer, highlighted the importance of the Stakeholder Forum and promised full EU support. Project Coordinator Heike Barlag from Siemens provided an overview of the status and presented examples of the ongoing work in some of the work packages.

After half a year of project work, the first results of the Green eMotion projects were presented to the Forum members:

WP1 First results from demo regions evaluation – Mar Martinez (IREC)

WP3 ICT requirements and business scenarios – Heike Barlag (Siemens)

WP4 Overview of existing infrastructures: differences & similarities – Philip LeGoy (ESB)

WP7 Review of technologies and standards in Green eMotion demo projects – Iva M. Gianinoni (RSE)

Iva M. Gianinoni presented a survey on EV standardization (see attached), which will be sent to interested stakeholders in December. Green eMotion aims to include as much market information as possible to form the basis for the project work. In addition, several Forum members presented their work to the participants, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, ACEA, Navteq, and HyER (the EU initiative on Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electromobility for European Regions).

The next Stakeholder Forum will be held in Brussels on May 10, 2012. Detailed information and invitations will be posted by the end of February 2012.

Download:   Green_eMotion_Survey_on_ EV_Standardization-WP7_2-V1-1.pdf