Work packages

The Green emotion work packages

Within the Green eMotion project, the research and development tasks have been assigned to eleven work packages (WP). This is a short overview of the WP tasks and the assigned responsibilities.


WP1 Synchronisation of demonstration regions
Since municipalities play an important role to support and stimulate the introduction of EVs, the objective of WP1 is to set up, implement and synchronize demonstration activities in the twelve demonstration regions of Green eMotion. In addition, WP1 aims at ensuring a great variety of fleets, vehicle types and concepts as well as implementing mechanisms for data sharing and best practice evaluation among all regions, while some extra demonstration features will be implemented in each region to enable further tests and a wider spectrum of activities.

WP2 Urban electromobility concepts, policies and regulations
The introduction of electromobility is as complex as it is challenging. It relies on a strong, long-term vision and the dedication of municipalities and local electricity providers. WP2 will asses the different concepts for a rollout from a municipality planning and policy perspective. The key features which are necessary for a successful mass roll out of electric cars in Europe will be determined.

WP3 Electromobility services / ICT solutions
ICT is seen as the key enabler for electromobility, offering a multitude of basic and advanced services to the driver. The integration of these services will allow the usability for the end user without regional limitations (e.g. with roaming or recharging location services) and will enable the realization of economies of scale for advanced service offerings like fleet management.

WP4 Grid EV-olution
The objective of WP4 is to use the numerous ongoing demonstration field trials to define best-practice solutions for recharging infrastructure from a grid operator‘s perspective. Provision of adequate grid capacity and appropriate grid operation tools in order to welcome EV’s and make them beneficial for power system operation are key questions to be investigated and demonstrated.

WP5 Recharging Infrastructures
The aim of WP5 is providing advanced, interoperable and manageable recharging infrastructures and services to EVs. This is going to be demonstrated through the delivery of such infrastructures for DC fast recharging, battery swapping and inductive recharging and also the delivery of charging management system and smart network re-enforcement to different demonstration regions.

WP6 EV technology validation
The objective of WP6 is to validate the performance of EV technology in terms of durability, costs and safety aspects under realistic driving conditions in different climatic zones.

WP7 Harmonisation of technology & standards
The harmonization of standards is an essential issue for the mass rollout of EV and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) across the EU. Based on the requirements of the other WPs and the experiences made in the demonstration regions, WP7 will support the standardization efforts for the three layers: vehicle, infrastructure and communication.

WP8 Green-eMotion framework demonstration
An essential key issue of WP8 is the demonstration of the enhanced interoperable and upgradeable electromobility solutions developed within Green eMotion. The objective therefore is to introduce and test the electromobility framework and to provide feedback for its improvement as well as to establish requirements on pan-EU interoperable and evolutionary (upgradeable) recharging infrastructures.

WP9 Technical, environmental, economic and social evaluation
In order to assess the viability of mass rollout of EV and PHEV across the EU, their system-wide impact on European electricity infrastructures needs to be thoroughly understood from a multi-criteria perspective involving technical, economic, environmental and social aspects.

WP10 Dissemination
The objective of WP10 is to disseminate and exploit the knowledge and results gained within the Green eMotion project. This includes an External Stakeholder Board to leverage the experience of companies and demo regions not part of the consortium.

WP11 Project Management
The main objective is an efficient and smooth project execution, ensuring that the project objectives are fulfilled and that project deliverables are delivered on time and in line with the budget.